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Whistleblower Protection Policy

The ASYMCA Whistleblower Protection Policy is implemented in compliance with the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 (Sarbanes-Oxley Act). The whistleblower protection provision in this legislation applies to all organizations, including the Armed Services YMCA.

At Headquarters ASYMCA, any staff member, volunteer, vendor, or agent who reports misconduct, fraud, or abuse will not be fired or otherwise retaliated against for making the report. ASYMCA Employees who report misconduct, fraud or abuse will receive protection in accordance with ASYMCA regulations and policies regarding whistleblower protection.

The report will be investigated and even if determined not to be misconduct, fraud, or abuse, the individual making the report will not be retaliated against. There will be no punishment for reporting problems – including firing, demotion, suspension, harassment, failure to consider the employee for promotion, or any other kind of discrimination.

There are several ways to make a report of suspected misconduct, fraud or abuse:

  • Verbally report the allegation directly to management.
  • Submit a report in writing to Headquarters ASYMCA
  • Telephone the anonymous hotline Silentwhistle at 1-877-874-8416.
  • Electronically report the allegations anonymously at:
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